NO, It's Not Just a Facial!

As esthetician’s we are always looked at as the peons of the Esthetics industry, crazy right? It’s literally is in our title, ESTHETIC-ian. But for some reason those of us who have taken our love of skin and skincare to the next level, so much to specialize in learning the inner workings of it, down to a cellular level are almost always at the bottom of the totem pole of Esthetic Professionals. In a world of Doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and RN’s, somehow people have been led to believe that Esthetician’s Don't measure up.

With the exception of dermatologist (which very few actually focus on skinCARE or spend more than 20 minutes with you, often prescribe intense antibiotics, accutane {Godspeed}, or bleaching creams), we are the actual SKINCARE professionals Or did I miss the episode in Greys Anatomy when they do their skin analysis and facial rotation? (JOKING, but not really). Because it doesn’t exist. Now surely have your body examined by a medical professional for lesions, cysts, skin diseases, etc. I actually love when my clients have seen a derm already, I’m intrigued hearing their diagnosis and route of treatment, but often those treatments aren’t well rounded and aren’t long term solutions the client is looking for.

The main difference between estheticians and medical professionals is that estheticians are not able to administer medical treatments such as treating skin cancer or administering more invasive cosmetic procedures such as botox, fillers or prescribing pharmaceutical skincare products. A dermatologist or medical professional office visit can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours depending on how the office operates, but how long do you actually spend with your dermatologist? 5, 10, 20 minutes? Not nearly enough time to understand someone's diet, lifestyle and health issues or examine, work with and understand someone's skin. All factors that can contribute to causing a skin condition. Often writing prescription using their knowledge of pharmaceuticals and dated clinical studies (the industry has evolved sooo much from just tretinoin), rather than skincare ingredients.

Estheticians are trained to learn all layers of the skin but specifically work with the epidermis. Estheticians use professional-grade skincare products to perform skin treatments ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours, working with and understanding their clients skin to get to the root cause of their concerns.

I am a product of mentorship and eager learning through industry books, in-person and online trainings, education and certifications, so I am not discrediting those professionals who have excelled in skincare taking a non-traditional path. But I’ve also completed esthetician school, am state licensed and LIVE FOR CHANGING PEOPLE’S SKIN. There are a quarter of us who are truly passionate, live for knowledge, and are hungry for those hard cases, but to us, let me make this VERY CLEAR. IT’S NOT JUST A FACIAL. As esthetician's we are bound to working within certain layers of the skin and what types of procedure you can perform (state and county dependent), but there is SO MUCH CHANGE that can be done within the epidermis; and yes, those benefits make for a healthy dermis as well! When you step on our toes, throw your other licenses in our faces, or use it to undermine us as professional in our field to an outside world that doesn’t know any better, it’s just disrespectful, rude and downright wrong. We get that you think you're above us, you’re the holy grail, gods gift to the face... but you’re not, none of us are... but especially all of those that have that mindset (fyi, confidence and cockiness are not the same peeps).

There are esthetician’s that do spa or Holistic based skincare treatments and facials. Not only is it an experience and relaxation treatment but there are many anti-aging, skin health and overall health benefits to facial massage, lymphatic drainage and aromatherapy, so no, it's not “just a facial”. There are esthetician’s that do more skincare treatments (per say), or results-driven facial treatments, ranging from enzyme's to acids to needling. Let me reiterate, it's not “just a facial”.

As esthetician’s we work our asses off and are brushed off as “facialist or makeup people” and I refuse. Studying chemistry and pharmacology, the latest technology in skincare, sifting through the bull shit, learning new techniques, evaluating and reevaluating treatment plans and home care regimens to produce true change in the skin. Personally following up with clients after treatments, reassuring clients through rough times, talking them off of the ledge during down time, connecting with them, building confidence, producing true change in people’s lives. It’s NOT JUST A FACIAL. Put some respek on my career. Period Poo.



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