Mask Monday: Clogged Pores & Breakouts

Today’s Mask: Image Skincare - Purifying Probiotic Mask

What it’s for: Clogged pores, breakouts, rosacea/redness, dull skin, excess oil.

Skin types: ALL! This mask does NOT over-dry or strip the skin, therefor, any skin type can benefit from adding this to their routine!

Key ingredients:

Kaolin - a clay that absorbs excess sebum and impurities from your pores

Glycerin - a skin-identical ingredient that helps increase water content (hydration) in the skin. Also helps the maintain health of your skin cell membranes & intracellular lipids = Healthy Skin Barrier!

Activated Charcoal - detoxifies the skin

Probiotics - balances the skin's natural flora & microbiome (balancing good and bad bacteria on the skin for healthy barrier function and reducing breakouts)

Superfruit Complex - humectant and antioxidant properties from a range of fruit extracts that help to nourish the skin with vitamins, minerals and protect from damage

This mask is a great weekly treatment to add to your skincare routine to help deep cleanse, balance and nourish your skin!

Comment your thoughts below if you’ve tried this Image skincare mask !