Ingredient Spotlight: Succinic Acid

Succinic acid is the “new” hot ingredient on the scene. Used previously as a buffering agent to help set the pH of formulations, it has now found its way to the active ingredient side as an acne treatment.

It hasn’t been heavily studied in contrast to other active ingredients used to treat acne. There are 2 studies which I could find to reference, however there are a ton of articles from non-peer reviewed sites touting its benefits.

Per reviews from users of products (YouTube videos and blog reviews) with succinic acid as the main ingredient it has been reported as effective in decreasing severity of acne lesions and reducing the inflammation which sounds promising!

It is also said to have skin energizing and revitalizing effects and has been combined with hyaluronic acid (in certain products) to enhance those benefits. Secondly it has also said to be an antioxidant, which is a great property for any ingredient to have, esp when treating acneic skin that may be sensitive to certain antioxidants such as vitamin C!

We will have to wait and see if it more studies come out putting more proof behind the punch, however, so far, companies are launching more products with it and we aren’t hearing many negatives.

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