Ingredient Spotlight: Beta-Carotene

Skingredient Spotlight: Beta-Carotene

B-Carotene is often found in many skincare products such as antioxidant serums and creams as well as various vitamin A and retinol products.


- Carotenoids are powerful antioxidant substances playing an essential role in the reactions of neutralization of Free Radicals, mainly reactive oxygen species (ROS).

UV Protection & Anti-Aging

- B-Carotene suppresses matrix melanoprotease enzymes - these enzymes are induced by UVA damage and cause premature skin aging!

Vitamin A Production

- When applied topically B-Carotene is converted into retinyl esters, precursors to epidermal vitamin A

Combination Therapy

- Beta Carotene works best when used topically and orally! Make sure you eat your B-Carotene Rich foods, I.e. Carrots, Spinach, Pumpkin, etc!

In a Study by Darvin, Maxim E. et al. Carotenoids administered both as cream and as tablets, resulted in an up to 100% increase in the dermal carotenoid concentration!

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