Ingredient Spotlight: Benzoyl Peroxide

➖“Benzoyl peroxide is an oil soluble topical antibacterial agent.”

(PMID: 16778460)

It is indicated for treatment of:

➖Blackheads via its keratolytic and sebum reducing effects

➖Whiteheads via its keratolytic, antibacterial effects

➖Papules, pustules, cysts via its oil solubility allowing it to penetrate deep into lesions and its antibacterial effects to treat the acne cutibacterium acnes [also known as p.acnes bacteria]

➕“Available preparations include lotions, creams, gels, foams, solutions, cleansing bars, cleansing lotions, cloths, pads, masks, and shaving creams”


➕”Studies (1) have shown that lower concentrations work just as well as higher doses and cause less irritation, so there is no need to go higher than 5%. Though, if you do choose to use 10% BPO, that’s fine. Just be mindful of the side effects; i.e. dryness, irritation, increased sensitivity.”



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