Easitension DIY Lash Extension Kit Review

The kit comes with two glue applicators, 12mm and 14mm "natural" lash extensions, tweezers and a spoolie.


The lashes that come in the kit are natural and fluffy. They are great for an everyday "no makeup" look, with a light liner or with a natural eyeshadow look. A more dramatic eyeshadow look would be too overpowering for these lashes since they are not very dense.

The quality is OK. They are super delicate; I would say about 25% of the lashes I pulled from the trays did come apart. I do love that the band is very thin but I felt like the broken lashes mostly went to waste.

Easitension does have other lash styles you can buy separately from the kit. I chose to try the volume and glitter lashes (another volume style), which I really liked since I go for a bit more volume and fluffiness when it comes to my lashes.


The glue is easy to apply and I love that it comes with two applicators, a slanted one and a straight one. The slanted one is great for outer corner to the middle of the lash and the straight applicator, when held vertically, is perfect for the inner corners and those tiny lashes.

The glue does need about 30 seconds to 1 minute to set and it didn't clump easily which makes it great for beginners or if you need to remove and reapply a lash in the same place.

Overall wear

The lashes did well staying on throughout the day however, If you have sensitive eyes this may not be the kit for you. My eyes are semi-sensitive and I did experience a little bit of irritation with the glue, but for me it wasn't irritating enough to have to remove them.

I did sleep in these lashes since they are intended for longer wear (up to 10 days), but they did not hold up as well as I would have liked. I did wake up with glue residue on my eyelids (easy to remove but annoying), as well as a little outer corner shifting (fixable but annoying).

Compared to lashify

I definitely prefer lashify to this system. Lashify is more expensive however, I did not have any irritation or glue residue after waking up when using the lashify system.

I also love that lashify comes also comes with a wand-applicator with a clear glue that you apply to the bases of the actual lashes you apply as well as a sealant (they call glass) to reinforce the bond each day.

If you can splurge to get the lashify system, I would recommend it for longwear and comfort....

but, if you are in a pinch, I was able to get this system in 1-day (amazon prime) and it is pretty affordable - $17.09 USD.

With love,



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